September 21, 2020

Carlos Slim Foundation’s response to COVID-19

Case Study By

Mr. Carlos Slim Helú

President, Carlos Slim Foundation and Co- Chair of the Broadband Commission

COVID-19 Protocol, Health Initiatives, and Connectivity

 The Carlos Slim Foundation designed and executed a comprehensive COVID-19 Contention Protocol to support Carso Group’s companies to cope with the pandemic. Amongst the different measures implemented, employees started working from home, and several prevention and contention strategies at offices and work spaces were put in place, such as staggered working schedules, use of facemasks, hand sanitizer and maintaining physical distance between desks.

In addition, the Foundation designed, developed and implemented a Health Intelligence Ecosystem that operates through a step-wise approach:

  1. Employees register to the MONITOR Platform, elaborated by the Foundation, either through a secure web portal or a mobile phone application, and report their health status on a daily basis. MONITOR, through an algorithm, automatically assesses.
  2. Those who feel ill, or would like to know more about either COVID-19 or how to access medical care, contact a Call Center, where a general practitioner provides remote counseling and assesses if an employee needs a lab test, or a medical consultation.
  3. Employees with symptoms or that have been in contact with a person with COVID-19 visit a lab facility to have a RT-PCR test and either confirm or discard the disease.
  4. If an employee has a confirmed case of COVID-19, an epidemiologic analysis is performed to assess if there could be an outbreak at the work space, or at the household (in case the employee is doing home office).
  5. If the employee was in contact with family members or other work colleagues, an epidemiologist performs a study of the outbreak, and both 2 employees and family relatives are closely monitored to confirmed if other cases of COVID-19 are shown. By proactively monitoring these employee’s contacts, a larger outbreak is either prevented or contained.

This step-wise approach is monitored in real time by both the departments of Human Resources of each company, and by the Foundation’s Epidemiology Team. To perform this process, the Foundation has designed and developed an Analytics Platform where data is updated in real time. Teams can monitor employees’ current risk profile and its evolution over time, as well as results of lab tests, and counseling provided by Call Center, among other analytics.

In sum, joint coordination between Human Resources departments and the Carlos Slim Foundation and the use of a robust Digital Health platform have been instrumental in maintaining the operations and productivity of Carso Group’s enterprises whilst privileging employees’ wellbeing.

In addition to the patient self-monitoring, a general practitioner provides a remote medical consultation through COVID360, following a systematic protocol.

Generation of materials and contents about COVID-19

To support both Carso Group’s employees and general public, the Carlos Slim Foundation generated a microsection within its CLIKISalud web portal to provide up-todate information about COVID-19 general prevention measures at home and work spaces. As of June 5th 2020, 97 infographics, 16 videos and 10 audios have been developed, with over 1.5 million visits and 1.2 million video reproductions.

Curatorship, generation and dissemination of online courses to support training of health professionals

The Carlos Slim Foundation designed a hub within its Digital Health Portal to provide curated courses provided by accredited institutions from Mexico and other countries. As of June 5th 2020, 97 infographics, 21 online courses and 27 resources have been selected, with over 400,000 visits. In addition, through a joint collaboration with the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, the Foundation launched an online course named “Critical decisions to save lives”.

Education and Employment Initiatives and Connectivity

APRENDE.ORG is a Carlos Slim Foundation initiative created with the purpose to contribute to eradicate the roots of poverty and the factors that make it hereditary, by bringing open borderless access to knowledge that become capacities to transform lives. Promoting reliable and evidence-based tools and solutions to reach health and well-being; access to free high quality education and job training and to develop prosperity as fundamental right of the human condition.

Contents, Certification, Zero Cost Access and Navigation 
Universal Access to knowledge for everyone


PRUEBAT.ORG is an online platform whose objective is to provide free essential knowledge in verbal, numerical and digital skills, for students, teachers and parents which are fundamental throughout life. In response to COVID-19, Fundación Carlos Slim Education has contributed with the following actions: Collaboration with the Ministries of Education of Mexico, Panamá, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Peru, offering quality content and aligned to curricular themes that allow strengthening knowledge and continuing with teaching and learning during the period of confinement by COVID-19, through the “Keep Learning” strategy:

  • Digital skills to teach
  • Methodologies and techniques for virtual teaching
  • Mathematics and Spanish teaching with prué (Panamá)
  • Videoconferences for teaching
  • Strategies to prepare for back to school with a social-emotional focus

Massive access to videos and other educational content on support low-command and public television platforms such as Claro Video, Open Television, as well as social networks of educational authorities in several countries.




ES.KHANACADEMY.ORG: Online platform that offers practical exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard in subjects such as Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Finances, and Computer Science through an adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. This platform was created in 2006 by Salman Khan, and nowadays, it is used in several educational spaces around the globe.

Every course, video lesson, exercise and all content within Khan Academy is available in Spanish thanks to Fundación Carlos Slim.

  • In response to COVID-19 Khan Academy launched a special microsite for learners in Mexico to access quick links to resources.
  • Daily schedules for students aged 5-16 for using Khan Academy to keep learning.
  • Quick start guides to using Khan Academy.
  • “Daily Homeroom”, live streams on Facebook and YouTube featuring Khan Academy Founder and CEO, Salman Khan, and special guests, geared towards parents and students, to help them feel connected, informed, and empowered.
  • Tutorials to help parents launch remote learning for their children.

Cumulative Students is a Carlos Slim Foundation initiative created to contribute to the development of borderless productive competencies, through free online training for all sectors. It makes available opportunities to everyone, by building the proficiency and expertise that allow everyone to increase income and quality of life.

The Program offers Training, Certification and Job opportunities as well as Diplomas and online resources for self-assessment on domain of competencies.



During the pandemic, it reached 1,500,000 new users in the 3 months, men and women between 18 to 35 years old who enrolled in Information Technology courses and Diplomas.

Increased collaboration with Latin American countries was materialized through their Labor Ministries, to bring professional work training with official local validity to their unemployed population. Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Panamá, Honduras y Costa Rica.

  • New content
  • New normal transition
  • How to do remote work
  • Health and safety in the workplace

In all, connectivity was able to support health, education and job training during the lockdown period, and is essential as economies and social life begin the period of re-incorporation.

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