Our History

The Broadband Commission Over Time

Since its inception, the Broadband Commission has continued to engage in high-level advocacy to promote Universal Connectivity. One of the central roles of the Commission is to leverage its high-profile Commissioners to advocate for higher priority to be given to the development of broadband infrastructure and services to ensure that the benefits of this technology are realized globally and to spread the message of Broadband for Sustainable Development at key events, conferences and functions.

To date, the Commission’s outcomes have included a State of Broadband report published annually since 2010, more than 30 Working Groups on thematic areas from health to education, and bi-annual meetings gathering its Commissioners and leaders each year to track progress and plan action. The Commission has also been instrumental in launching the following global initiatives:

2010 Founded
2010 - 2015 Publications
2015 SDGs Established
2016 - 2020 Publications
2020 10th Anniversary
2021 - Present In Action