Our Work

Advocating for Universal Connectivity for over Ten Years

Since its inception, the Broadband Commission has been dedicated to bringing the importance of broadband to the international policy agenda. With a legacy of over 150 Commissioners representing different sectors, regions and priorities, The Commission works together to define practical ways in which countries — at all stages of development — can achieve resilient and meaningful connectivity, in cooperation with the private sector.


The Broadband Commission meets twice annually to discuss the state of broadband, the work of the Commission, and next steps for meetings its established goals.

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Commissioner Insights

Commissioner Insights are a snapshot into the work of each Commissioner both in their capacity with the Commission and with their primary organization.

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How can connectivity affect change?

Connectivity is a crucial element for progress in all aspects of sustainable development. Each year, the Commission focuses in on select relevant global issues affected by access or lack of access to broadband. These topics are assessed through multistakeholder Working Groups discussion and research, and culminate in a series of policy recommendations for affecting change. Below is a snapshot of our current Working Groups.

The State of Broadband Worldwide

A snapshot of global broadband access, use and affordability

Each year the Broadband Commission assesses the global state of broadband, highlighting progress, challenges and the path to realizing our targets and the Sustainable Development Goals in its flagship State of Broadband Report. You can find a compilation of all recommendations produced by these reports here