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Albania Case Study: Strategies for the promotion of broadband services and infrastructure

September 22, 2012

This country case study addresses the development of a National Broadband Plan in Albania and in particular the development of the institutional framework together with the development of Electronic Communications policy and legislation and how this has influenced the development of the National Broadband Policy of 2012. The case study analyses the development of the Sector and how government champions and policy direction has provided the basis for the development of broadband in the country, including with the definition of ICT as a key pillar for the development of its economy and the integration of ICTs into various sectors of the economy.

The case study also reviews the role of the Electronic Communications regulator and other ICT stakeholders involved in the broadband ecosystem from setting the goals of the Plan, to defining and implementing the necessary policy and legislative measures, to fostering widespread application of modern technologies in all sectors of the economy and society.

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Date published: September 22, 2012

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