Working Group Report

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation: Competencies for Civil Servants

September 19, 2022

What competencies do public sector officials need to enhance national digital transformations?

Written by the Broadband Commission Working Group on AI Capacity Building, the Working Group Report introduces a competency framework for civil servants, spelling out the Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation Competencies needed today.

The framework aims to strengthen the abilities of civil servants to effectively use digital tools, develop and implement digital transformation projects, and address complex governance challenges.

The report also offers 9 key policy recommendations for the governments, academia, and private sector. 

The following report is the product of a unique collaborative and consensus-driven framework that draws on the expertise of a high-level, multistakeholder Working Group membership. To learn more about the Working Group model, visit the Working Group on AI Capacity Building page or download the report

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Date published: September 19, 2022

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